Automobile Accident Attorney Discusses Steps Following a Car Crash

Automobile Accident Attorney | South Carolina | After an Accident

Even a car wreck that only results in property damage can be a jolting experience. It is common for individuals to be left shaken and disoriented even if they do not suffer any physical injuries. In this state, they may not think clearly or make decisions that are in the best interests of their health or legal rights. Please keep reading to learn how an automobile accident attorney can help.

A traffic crash results in property damage every six minutes, and an injury crash happens every 16 minutes in South Carolina, according to the Department of Public Safety’s statistics. Knowing ahead of time what to do in the event of a crash may help ensure you don’t cause further harm to yourself – physical or legal – in the aftermath. Automobile Accident Attorney | South Carolina | After an Accident

What to Do After a Vehicle Crash in South Carolina

As is true with any traumatic experience, the best way to make it through the moments following a car wreck is to proceed step by step. Remember and follow the following steps after a crash:

Assess Yourself and Others for Injuries and Call for Help

Your first concern must be to ensure that you, your passengers, and any other motorists involved are not seriously injured. If you suspect that anyone is injured, you should immediately call 911 and ask for help. It is better to ask for help than to delay the arrival of medical assistance.

When you call 911, the dispatcher will want to know the location of the crash, how many people are involved, and the nature of people’s injuries. If you are physically able to do so, the dispatcher may direct you to provide first aid to others until medical help arrives.

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Report the Accident to Law Enforcement and Exchange Information

If there are no injuries, but you suspect there is significant property damage that might exceed $1,000, you should contact law enforcement to report the accident. While you may report a property damage accident after the fact, it is often easier for law enforcement to respond and gather information at the scene.

You should also exchange insurance information with the other drivers involved, but be careful about discussing the facts of the accident before speaking with an automobile accident attorney. Careless remarks such as not seeing a traffic light or missing a yield sign may be used later to contest a claim or lawsuit for damages.

File an Insurance Claim or Car Accident Lawsuit 

Finally, be certain to pursue compensation through an insurance claim or the courts in a timely manner. In either situation, you only have a limited amount of time to seek such compensation. While you can pursue a lawsuit with an automobile accident attorney up to three years after the crash, insurance claims may need to be filed much sooner.

Get Help with Your Claim for Damages from an Automobile Accident Attorney

If you remember only one step, it should be to contact an experienced South Carolina automobile accident attorney for assistance.

No matter the severity of your accident, we at Lowcountry Law, LLC offer potential clients a free case evaluation. This helps us provide guidance and direction about your rights and can help you take appropriate action. Contact us at Lowcountry Law, LLC today about your free case consultation.

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