10 Things NOT To Do When You’re Injured At Work In South Carolina: Mistakes to avoid after a work injury. 1. Don’t fail to fill out an accident report with your employer no matter how minor your injury. 2. Don’t refuse any medical treatment. 3. Don’t give a recorded statement to the insurance adjuster (unless your lawyer is with you). 4. Don’t quit your job during your case.
5. If you’re out of work because of your injury, don’t apply for short-term disability (STD) or unemployment. 6. Don’t apply for Social Security Disability while on Workers’ Comp. 7. Don’t assume your HR Manager, Supervisor, the Company Doctor, nurse case manager, or the insurance adjuster are looking out for your best interest. If you were in a car wreck, would you expect the other driver that ran into you to help you get the maximum recovery against them? 8. Don’t stop going to work without advising your supervisor or HR manager. 9. Don’t delete your text messages and voicemails from your employer and the insurance company. 10. Don’t listen to advice from non-lawyers.

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