Civil Litigation And Appeals

Lowcountry Law, LLC, Can Help With Your Civil Litigation

At Lowcountry Law, LLC, a successful track record and tenacious commitment separate founder Matthew Breen from the average attorney. He provides answers and action when you are facing business disputes, breach of contracts, construction disagreements, debt relief, bankruptcy, creditor harassment solutions, law suit representation, state and federal court appeals and other related services for clients in Mount Pleasant, Myrtle Beach and the surrounding South Carolina areas.

Shedding Light On Your Case

These cases require a thorough examination of the facts, innovative strategies based on a combination of statutes, regulations and case law. Attorney Breen will shed light on the truth and pursue the compensation that is rightfully yours.

A Skilled Attorney Can Make A Difference

Contracts are the backbone to commerce. When a breach of contract brings your business to a halt, contact us for a free consultation. Call 843-800-8663 or send an email for scheduling.