How Long Does It Take to Resolve a Motorcycle Claim?

Watch this video by experienced South Carolina motorcycle accident lawyer Matthew Breen to learn about the injury claim timeline and how long it may take to resolve your injury claim after a motorcycle accident in South Carolina. 

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Were you or a loved one injured on a motorcycle in South Carolina and have questions about how long it might take to resolve your motorcycle injury claim?

Motorcycle accident claims can be resolved in a variable time span. The key to this is that we want to make sure that you get the most medical treatment that you need in your claim. If that takes a month, six months, or a year, that’s fine. We want to make sure that you’re totally able to do as much as you could before the motorcycle accident and that you’ve received as much medical treatment as you can. So however long it takes, that’s fine.

Sometimes negotiations with insurance companies take a while. If your claim is worth a lot of money, we have to go to certain tiers of the insurance company for different values of claims. So there’s no general time frame. But know that I will always be moving as quickly as possible to resolve your claim in order to get you the money in your pocket that you deserve.

If you or someone you love was injured in a motorcycle accident in South Carolina, it’s important to contact an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible to protect your rights and secure the compensation you deserve.

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