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When loved ones get older, it can be difficult for them to take care of themselves. In many cases, it’s common to move them to care facilities or hire in-home assistance to help ensure your loved one is getting the proper care they need. While you’d never want to think anyone would harm an older person, elder abuse is quite common. Elder abuse can harm your loved one physically, mentally, emotionally, or even financially. If your loved one has suffered harm, do not hesitate to discuss your case with an elder abuse attorney.Elder Abuse Attorney in South Carolina  Lowcountry Law, LLC.


What Is Elder Abuse?

Elder abuse, as the name indicates, refers to the abuse of an elderly person. Abuse can take many forms and is usually perpetrated by an individual with whom the victim has a trusting relationship.

Types of Elder Abuse

While many believe elder abuse involves only physical abuse, that is just one of the many forms of abuse. The types of elder abuse are as follows:

  • Physical abuse: inflicting physical pain or causing injury
  • Emotional abuse: making threats, harassing, or verbally assaulting
  • Sexual abuse: forcing sexual activity without consent
  • Neglect: failing to provide necessities (food, medication, and medical care)
  • Confinement: physically restraining or confining for no valid reason
  • Financial exploitation: misusing, withholding, or stealing money or assets

It is common for an abused elderly person to experience multiple forms of abuse at once. An elder abuse attorney can evaluate claims to determine the appropriate legal strategy to seek compensation.

Warning Signs Indicating Elder Abuse

Usually, there are clear warning signs that an elderly person may be experiencing abuse. These include:

  • Unexplained injuries, like bruises or lacerations
  • Dehydration or weight loss
  • Marks on wrists or ankles
  • Emotional changes or withdrawal
  • Bedsores
  • Physical discomfort
  • Apprehension around certain caregivers
  • Unexplained changes in finances
  • Recent changes in legal documents, including wills and trusts

In many cases, elder abuse victims try to hide their abuse or emotions from concerned family members, often for fear of repercussions. If you see any red flags or potential issues with your loved one, don’t wait to take action, contact an elder abuse attorney today.

Where Does Elder Abuse Happen?

Elder abuse usually happens where the elderly person lives or spends the most time. These locations include:

  • Nursing homes
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Rehabilitation facilities
  • Elder day care centers

Elder abuse can even happen in the person’s own home.

Liability for Elder Abuse

Liability for elder abuse depends on who is abusing the victim.

In a majority of cases, elders are abused by nurses or caregivers. While it is usually one person who commits the abuse, that liable individual is most likely employed by the facility.

Sadly enough, family can also be to blame for elder abuse. If an elderly person’s family member is abusing them, they would be liable.

If Your Loved One Has Suffered Abuse at the Hands of Another, Speak with an Elder Abuse Attorney Right Away

Lowcountry Law, LLC fully understands the heartbreak, anger, and frustration people feel after learning their loved one has suffered abuse. While monetary compensation cannot fix the past, it can help hold the responsible party accountable for your loved one’s harm and relieve some financial strain.

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