Attorney Matthew Breen Stands Up for Canine Victim and Pet Owners in South Carolina

Attorney Matthew Breen Stands Up for Canine Victim and Pet Owners

A harrowing incident that recently transpired in Walterboro, South Carolina, has stirred a whirlwind of emotions among locals and pet lovers. A Colleton County woman’s dog, Yogi, was struck by a U.S. Postal Service driver, resulting in serious injuries that might necessitate a leg amputation or, worse, euthanasia.

Attorney Matthew Breen Stands Up for Canine Victim and Pet Owners While the story continues to unfold, it’s crucial to highlight the pivotal role of Matthew Breen, the managing partner of Lowcountry Law, LLC, as he champions the fight for justice on behalf of the dog’s distraught family. In this ordeal, Breen proves to be not just a mere lawyer, but a beacon of hope for those seeking justice in such devastating situations.

Breen’s legal acumen shines through, as he provides much-needed counsel, stating the family can decide to sue the driver for negligence. He meticulously outlines the scenario, explaining that, depending on the solicitor’s decision, the driver could face charges as severe as a hit-and-run.

While emphasizing the importance of diligence in protecting pets, Breen sagely advises, “You want to make sure that you protected your pet to the greatest extent that you could, and if they’re injured, that you can recover civilly against the wrongdoer who injured your pet.”

In South Carolina and beyond, instances like these underscore the need for knowledgeable, compassionate legal representation. Fortunately, attorneys like Matthew Breen, equipped with an in-depth understanding of law and an unwavering commitment to justice, step up to safeguard the rights of the most vulnerable.

Contact South Carolina Pet Injury Attorney Matthew Breen for Justice

If you find yourself in a similar plight, grappling with a situation where you need legal advice to seek the justice you deserve, look no further than our office. Attorney Matthew Breen is ready to fight for your rights and deliver justice.

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Whether you’re in South Carolina or elsewhere, remember that your fight for justice doesn’t have to be a lonely one. We’re here to walk you through the labyrinth of law, ensuring that every turn you take is a step closer to justice.

Your fight is our fight.

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