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Like other large commercial vehicles, buses can cause significant harm to other vehicles in a crash. Buses exceed the size and weight of every passenger car, SUV, and van. When these vehicles collide with a bus, the occupants of those smaller vehicles are most likely to suffer the greatest harm. For example, the National Safety Council found that from 2011 to 2020, about seven out of every ten fatalities in collisions involving school buses were pedestrians or the occupants of passenger vehicles. Passengers aboard a bus enjoy some protection from the bus’s size, but they are not immune from injury. Since passengers feel protected by the bus’s size and weight, they may delay or refrain from seeking treatment after an accident. Please continue reading as our bus accident attorney explains bus wreck injuries.

Common Injuries Sustained by Motor Vehicle Occupants Bus Accident Attorney | South Carolina | Lowcountry Law, LLC

Injuries sustained by the occupants of passenger cars, trucks, and vans that collide with a bus can range in severity depending on factors such as the type of collision.

According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), of the 13,622 fatal traffic accidents involving two or more vehicles of all types reviewed in 2020, 18 percent were crashes where one vehicle struck another at an angle.

Speed also increases the risk of fatal or serious injuries. The same information from III shows speed was a factor in nearly 20 percent of fatal crashes.

Even if death does not result, a concussion or traumatic brain injury from whiplash cannot be ruled out. You may also suffer broken bones if the collision occurs with enough force. If your windshield or windows shatter, you may suffer cuts.

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South Carolina Bus Passengers May Also Suffer Injuries

If you are traveling on a bus that is involved in a crash, you may not initially realize there was a collision. Because of their size, it takes a collision with considerable force or a crash with a similarly large vehicle to be felt. Even when you do feel a collision occur, you may only suffer minor injuries if you suffer any harm at all.

There are risks for bus passengers, though. Most buses do not have seatbelts, so you may be tossed about the cabin or thrown from your seat in a crash involving sufficient force. You may strike the seat in front of you, causing head and body trauma. If overhead luggage is not properly stowed, you may be struck by one of these items.

Moreover, buses tend to have a higher center of gravity, meaning they may tip over in an accident with sufficient forces present. Given the lack of seat restraints, you may suffer a concussion or broken arms or legs in a rollover.

If you are a bus passenger involved in a rollover crash, it is recommended that you seek medical evaluation.

Turn to Your Bus Accident Attorney to Answer Your Questions

If you or a loved one are hurt either because a bus collided with you or you were a bus passenger and your bus wrecked, you may have legal rights. Uncovering the cause of the crash may reveal negligence, which would allow you to pursue damages from the at-fault party.

Our bus accident attorney at Lowcountry Law, LLC wants you to understand and exercise these rights. You should not have to be responsible for your expenses if someone else caused you harm.

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Schedule a free case evaluation with us so we can explore your situation and provide you with an honest and easy-to-understand assessment of your rights and legal options.

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