Matthew M. Breen named a Lead Counsel Verified Attorney

Matthew M. Breen named a Lead Counsel Verified Attorney

LawInfo’s Lead Counsel Verification was established as a quality-assurance service for consumers and businesses to find experienced legal representation quickly and easily.

Matthew M. Breen has been honored to be named as a Lead Counsel Verified Attorney. Lawinfo states that “when it comes to serious legal issues, the difference between a successful resolution and an unfavorable outcome may rest on the experience, expertise, and reputation of your attorney.”

Matthew M. Breen named a Lead Counsel Verified Attorney Experience and a clean record are two important factors to consider when selecting an attorney.
The Lead Counsel Verification process confirms the following factors:

1.) Ample Experience – Attorneys must meet stringent qualifications and prove that a significant portion of
their practice is dedicated to the area of law they are verified in.

2.) Good Standing – Attorneys must be in good standing with their relevant bar associations and already have and continue to maintain a clean disciplinary record.

3.) Annual Review – Attorneys must submit to an annual review of the experience and discipline criteria to
retain the right to use their Lead Counsel Verified status.

4.) Client Commitment – Attorneys must pledge to follow the highest quality client service and ethical standards to receive the Lead Counsel Verified status.

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