Spine Injury Attorney Discusses Top Causes of Spinal Cord Damage

Spine Injury Attorney Top Causes of Damage Lowcountry Law

Spinal cord injuries (SCI) are serious injuries that have the potential to impact your life for years to come. Each year, according to the World Health Organization, between 250,000 and 500,000 spinal cord injuries occur. While some SCIs are temporary and fully resolve, the harm from other SCIs can last a lifetime and if caused by someone’s negligence, may require the assistance of a spine injury attorney

The World Health Organization also reports that many spinal cord injuries occur because of preventable accidents. Knowing what types of incidents are likely to lead to a spinal cord injury can help you remain safe by informing you of situations where you should exercise greater care.

Spine Injury Attorney Top Causes of Damage Lowcountry Law

Three Common Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries

No matter the cause, your spine injury attorney can help you recover compensation if someone else’s negligence led to your SCI. Nonetheless, the SCIs that a spine injury attorney can assist with happen in accidents involving:

Accidental Falls, Trips, and Slips

Falls of any type are a leading cause of spinal cord injuries. A fall of just several feet is sufficient to inflict permanent damage to the spinal cord and perhaps inflict a traumatic brain injury. But falls from any height, even trips and slips while walking, can lead to spinal cord damage.

Therefore, you should be careful at all times when walking or running. Be vigilant for trip and slip hazards. Similarly, exercise caution when climbing on a ladder and follow safety precautions by not standing on the top rung of the ladder and not exceeding the ladder’s weight limit.

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Car Crashes and Motor Vehicle Accidents

A spine injury attorney will also see clients with SCIs who have been involved in vehicle crashes. Truck collisions are particularly likely to cause spinal cord injuries, but even collisions involving other types of vehicles can lead to SCIs.

While there is no way to fully protect yourself from the risk of an SCI in a crash, wearing your seat belt at all times can help reduce the risk. Also, you should ensure your vehicle’s safety equipment, like airbags, is working properly.

Acts of Violence

Finally, crimes and fights can lead to spinal cord injuries. Most commonly, a spine injury attorney will see SCIs in individuals who have been shot. A bullet can cause significant damage to the spinal column and may lead to paralysis in some cases.

You may not have been the intended crime victim. A robber or shooter who fires an errant bullet that strikes you can cause just as much damage as if they were aiming for you.

Lowcountry Law, LLC’s Spine Injury Attorney Assists Clients with SCI

If you or a loved one suffered an SCI due to a trip and fall, a workplace accident, a car crash, or any other accident, reach out to talk with us at Lowcountry Law, LLC. We will discuss the facts of your accident, and our spine injury attorney Matthew Breen will advise whether you may be entitled to compensation.

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