Grocery Store Slip and Fall Settlements: What Should You Do?

Grocery Store Slip and Fall South Carolina Lawyer Answers FAQ's

The local supermarket or big box store is a prime location to suffer a grocery store slip and fall. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claim that an American over 65 years of age falls every second of every day.

Between water used to hydrate produce, condensation or discharge from broken freezers, and laundry soaps that may spill and leak, the slip hazards in grocery stores are numerous.

As is true in many personal injury cases, grocery store slip and fall claims are often resolved by way of a settlement. The grocery store may see a settlement as a faster and more economical way to resolve your claim than fighting liability at trial.

You may be tempted to accept a settlement offer to obtain compensation quickly. Just because a settlement is offered, though, does not mean you should accept it. Sometimes slowing down and carefully considering the offer and your own needs and losses can keep you from making a shortsighted decision. Grocery Store Slip and Fall South Carolina Lawyer Answers FAQ's

The Timing of a Settlement Offer Matters

When you are hurt in a grocery store slip and fall accident, the grocery store’s parent company or owner may try to settle immediately with you. You may be offered free products, gift cards, or cash on the spot in exchange for a promise not to file a suit or a claim.

You should be extremely cautious about accepting a settlement offer so soon after a slip and fall injury. While such offers may be well-intentioned, they are also motivated, at least in part, by the store’s desire to pay as little as possible to resolve your claim.

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A hasty settlement offer is not concerned with adequately compensating. Such an offer does not account for your immediate costs or for any costs you might need to pay in the future. When the money from such a settlement runs out, you are the one left having to pay for whatever additional costs come up.

Know How Much Your Case Is Worth Before Settling

Before accepting any settlement following a grocery store slip and fall, you should consider the amount of compensation you will need. This includes immediate costs and losses as well as ongoing treatment costs and future lost wages. It also includes having a sober assessment of what you can likely obtain through your case.

This assessment is best done with the help of an experienced grocery store slip and fall lawyer. Your attorney can evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your case, the likely financial resources of the grocery store, and the compensation you could reasonably expect if you went to trial versus settling your case.

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