Rollover Accident Attorney Identifies Risk Factors for Rollover Vehicle Crashes

Rollover Accident Attorney in South Carolina Identifies Risk Factors

A rollover vehicle crash is one of the most violent collisions one can experience. The destruction to property is considerable, and in particularly severe rollovers, drivers and passengers alike may suffer tremendous injury. The risk of severe injury increases exponentially if you or a passenger are not wearing your seatbelts. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that in 2020, a total of 3,395 occupants of passenger vehicles died in rollover crashes. This number represents 14% of all passenger vehicle occupants killed in all types of collisions. Please keep reading as our rollover accident attorney details the factors that contribute to these types of vehicle accidents.

Factors That Lead to a Rollover WreckRollover Accident Attorney in South Carolina Identifies Risk Factors

A South Carolina rollover accident attorney may be successful in helping you recover compensation following a rollover crash if the crash was caused by some other driver’s carelessness. The better practice, though, is to reduce the risk of these collisions occurring in the first place.

A rollover crash can involve one or multiple vehicles. Factors that have been identified as contributing to a rollover crash include:


Speed is a contributing factor to any type of car crash, and rollover accidents are no exception. Excessive speed makes it more difficult for a driver to safely navigate sharp turns and maneuvers, increasing the likelihood of a single-car rollover crash. Speed also increases the likelihood of a rollover in a multi-vehicle crash.

Type of Vehicle

A vehicle with a higher center of gravity is more prone to rolling over in any sort of crash. An SUV, which sits higher off of the ground and has a higher center of gravity, has a higher risk of rolling over. Conversely, passenger vehicles and sports cars that sit low to the ground, like a Corvette, have a lower risk of rolling over.

Impact Type

Finally, the way your vehicle collides with an object or another vehicle can determine whether your car will flip or roll. A side strike by another vehicle carries the highest likelihood of causing a rollover crash. Conversely, a head-on crash or rear-end collision carries a significantly smaller chance of causing a rollover accident.

Legal Liability in Rollover Crashes

When a multi-car crash results in a rollover, the driver who caused the crash itself will typically be the one responsible for paying damages to you, regardless of certain decisions you made.

For example, the compensation you receive is not likely to be reduced just because you were driving an SUV. Nor will your right to pursue compensation be eliminated because you were traveling a bit too fast.

How a Rollover Accident Attorney Can Assist You

Rollover crashes can be complex events that occur due to a variety of circumstances and result in complicated injuries. Understanding what led to the accident and what treatment and compensation you will need is not always straightforward. You need a committed advocate to help you through the recovery process.

It is best to have a detailed and proactive rollover accident attorney like Matthew Breen at Lowcountry Law, LLC by your side. Our legal team has the know-how and resources to thoroughly investigate your crash.

Allow us the opportunity to discuss your legal rights following a rollover accident. Call Lowcountry Law, LLC to take advantage of our offer for a free case evaluation.

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