How Is Pain and Suffering Calculated in South Carolina?

Watch this video by experienced South Carolina injury attorney Matthew Breen to find out how pain and suffering compensation is calculated in South Carolina following an accident or injury.

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Were you or someone you love injured in South Carolina and have questions about how pain and suffering are calculated and whether your present and future injuries will be taken into account when calculating your recovery?

Pain and suffering is one of those things. It’s out in the air and obviously it differs. Someone who’s in an auto accident case and they only have to have some physical therapy and some other treatment like that, their pain and suffering is a lot lower than, say, my client who was a trucker who was forced off the road in a trucking accident and had to have a three disc spinal fusion.

Pain and suffering is a range and it’s generally something that an experienced personal injury lawyer like myself can come up with a figure can work it out with an adjuster and get you a very large award either by verdict or by settlement for your pain and suffering.

What helps especially is in any recorded statement, which I advise you never to do before hiring a lawyer or any deposition, you always make sure that you tell how much you’re in pain. People don’t do that. They say? Oh, I’m okay. I’m fine, whenever they actually are in pain.

Always be specific and expressive and how much pain that you’re suffering. And most importantly, this goes to whenever you’re seeing your doctor for treatment, tell them that you’re in pain, tell them where it hurts. Tell them how it hurts. Because at the end of the day, you’re only protecting yourself and serving your own interests, which is what is smartest to do in a personal injury claim where you’ve been hurt through no fault of your own.

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