Three Advantages of Hiring a Workers’ Comp Lawyer

Workers Comp Lawyer Benefits of Representation S. Carolina

Workers’ compensation in South Carolina is designed to help injured employees receive financial compensation quickly when they are hurt. Thousands of South Carolinians are hurt in all manner of workplace accidents every year. When they are injured or become ill because of their work, they often receive benefits without much effort at all. Not all workers’ compensation claims are approved, though. A claim may be denied if the injury is pre-existing and not caused by a work-related activity. A claim may also be denied if it is not properly reported to your employer. A denial of a workers’ compensation claim leaves you injured, but without the compensation you need for treatment. This is why it is so important to hire a workers comp lawyer to assist with navigating the claims process. Workers Comp Lawyer Benefits of Representation S. Carolina

How a Workers’ Comp Lawyer Assists Injured Workers

South Carolina’s workers’ compensation system is meant to be easy to navigate. But you may not find it easy or friendly toward you and your needs. Hiring a workers comp lawyer can mean the difference between a claim being denied and approved.

Your workers’ comp lawyer can help you:

Properly Notify Your Employer of Your Injury

One of the first actions you must take following a workplace injury is to report the injury to your attorney. This report must be done within 90 days of your injury. The notification should be in writing, although there is no universal form that this writing must take. If you do not notify your employer of your injury in time, your workers’ comp claim may be denied.

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Ensure Your Employer Files the Necessary Forms for Your Claim

Once you tell your employer about your workplace injury, your employer must complete and submit forms so that your claim may be processed. Not all employers are diligent about doing this, delaying the resolution of your claim and stalling the payment of benefits.

If you have not received any communication regarding your workers’ comp claim, it may be because your employer has not submitted the necessary forms. Your workers’ comp lawyer can help encourage your employer to take care of this vital step. If they will not, your attorney can help you submit your claim on your own.

Guide You in Substantiating Your Claim and Fighting a Denial

Receiving notice that your workers’ comp claim has been denied can be terrible news. It can also be a shock and cause you not to know what to do next. Unfortunately, failing to appeal the denial of a legitimate claim can be a costly error.


To appeal a denial, you need a strategy to address the objections that have been lodged against your claim. Your workers’ comp lawyer can help direct you to the appropriate doctor, specialist, or another expert for evaluation to strengthen your claim.

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When it comes to your financial recovery after a workplace mishap, any delay can be detrimental to your health and financial well-being. Lowcountry Law, LLC and our legal team have years of experience helping workers injured on the job receive their workers’ compensation benefits. Let us help you with your claim.

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