Weather, Road Conditions, and Car Accident Liability

Car Accident Liability | South Carolina Lawyer Discusses

Drivers in South Carolina will soon be approaching that time of year when inclement weather will increasingly impact road travel. According to the South Carolina Department of Public Safety Statistics, the state experiences nearly 44,000 traffic collisions between the months of October and January, according to 2020 records. The majority of these crashes occur in October, November, and December. Drivers who get behind the wheel and drive carelessly are responsible for paying compensation to you and others injured by their choices. Whether they are speeding, disregarding traffic laws, or otherwise driving carelessly, their legal liability remains. The weather conditions do not completely insulate drivers from car accident liability.

Car Accident Liability When Weather Gets Rough Car Accident Liability | South Carolina Lawyer Discusses

Rain and snow can make roads slippery in unexpected places. These conditions can lead to difficulties controlling your car and increase the time and distance needed to brake safely. Drivers cannot be expected to know precisely how the weather and road conditions present at any given moment.

This does not mean, however, that just because the weather is unpleasant that drivers are not responsible for damages in car crashes. A driver may still face car accident liability if that driver was:

Traveling Too Fast in Light of the Weather and Road Conditions

No matter the speed limit on any given road or street, drivers still have an obligation to travel at a speed that is reasonable in light of the weather conditions. If snowfall or rain is heavy and visibility is reduced, traveling at the speed limit may be a careless decision. If a wreck ensues, the driver could assume car accident liability and be required to pay compensation.

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Not Leaving Enough Space Between Cars

You and other drivers understandably want to get to your destination quickly when the roads and weather are nasty. But when drivers are tempted to leave too little space between themselves and the car in front of them, the risk of a wreck increases.

Drivers who do this during inclement weather can also be held responsible for rear-end crashes they cause, the weather notwithstanding.

Negligent in Maintaining Their Vehicle

Drivers who continue driving their cars with bald tires, faulty windshield wipers, or worn brakes are assuming an increased risk that they will cause a crash during winter or wet weather. If a crash is caused by some problem or defect with the driver’s car that the driver ignored, that driver may bear the car accident liability for injuries and damages caused.

Enlist the Assistance of a South Carolina Car Crash Lawyer

Have you or a loved one been hurt in a car wreck? Determining car accident liability is necessary to see if you are eligible for compensation. But this can be challenging when inclement weather contributes to the crash. That is why you need Lowcountry Law, LLC and the assistance of our attorney Matthew Breen.

When you call our office, request a complimentary case evaluation from us. We will discuss the facts that led to your crash and injuries and advise what compensation you might receive.

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