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Car Crash Lawyer Car Accident Statistics in South Carolina

The National Safety Council claims there were over 1,000 fatalities on South Carolina roads in 2020. While other states like Texas and California had thousands more traffic deaths during the same time period, it is at least twice as high as states like Kansas and Minnesota. However, not all parts of South Carolina are equally dangerous. Just as some states in the country experience more traffic crashes, so it is with South Carolina counties. A skilled car crash lawyer in South Carolina knows from looking at statistics that residents in certain counties are more likely to be injured or killed than others.

Statewide Car Accident Statistics

South Carolina’s Department of Public Safety publishes an annual Traffic Collision Fact Book. The most recent of these books cover the statistics from 2020. According to these statistics, in 2020, there were:

  • A combined total of 121,235 collisions on South Carolina’s roads Car Crash Lawyer Car Accident Statistics in South Carolina
  • A total of 1,066 car crashes fatalities
  • Nearly 48,000 additional people injured in wrecks

The number of individuals killed and the number of fatal collisions represent increases from 2019. The number of injury accidents and motorists injured in crashes both decreased from 2019 to 2020.

Most Dangerous Counties in South Carolina

Using the statistics in 2020’s Traffic Fact Book, a car crash lawyer can easily see where South Carolina accidents occur most often. The Traffic Fact Book organizes these statistics into the number of fatal collisions, the number of collisions resulting in serious injuries, and the number of crashes that resulted in some form of injury.

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Greenville and Charleston Counties

Greenville and Charleston Counties top the list for the most fatal collisions and injury crashes. In Greenville County in 2020, there were 72 fatal collisions, 189 crashes that resulted in serious injuries, and another 13,740 collisions that resulted in less serious injuries.

For Charleston County, there were 68 fatal collisions, 234 serious injury collisions, and 13,077 other injury crashes.

Spartanburg County

Spartanburg County also experienced a high number of collisions of all types in 2020. Fifty-eight fatal collisions happened in Spartanburg County, and another 148 serious injury collisions occurred during the same timeframe. In addition, there were 8,718 crashes resulting in less serious injuries.

Horry County

Horry County, South Carolina, also was the site of a number of collisions in 2020. There were 56 crashes that each resulted in at least one death and 150 crashes resulting in serious injuries. Additionally, 9,459 injury crashes occurred.

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