Settling Your Personal Injury Claim with an Injury Lawyer’s Assistance

Injury Attorney Matthew Breen Explains Personal Injury Settlement

The vast majority of civil injury lawsuits will never come to trial. Instead, these cases will often resolve before trial through a settlement agreement. According to Cornell University, the precise percentage of cases that settle varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction but is between 60 percent and 75 percent. Many estimates are much higher. In a settlement agreement, both you and the other party agree that your lawsuit is dismissed or never filed in exchange for you receiving certain compensation. Settlements may be a quick way to get compensation without much confrontation. But trying to get a settlement without the help of an injury attorney may be a costly mistake.

Calculating Your Case’s Value Is Difficult Injury Attorney Matthew Breen Explains Personal Injury Settlement

You may have had the experience of being in a crash that totaled your vehicle but did not result in any injuries. You may have received an offer from an insurance company shortly after that.

In this situation, deciding whether to accept the settlement is easy. If the amount covers the value of the vehicle or the cost of repairs, it may be a safe choice to accept the settlement without needing to consult an injury attorney.

But determining whether a settlement is appropriate is much more challenging if you or a loved one suffers catastrophic injuries or injuries that require long-term treatment. You must consider your immediate costs and the costs you may incur in the future for treatment and lost earning potential, for example.

It is not sufficient, though, to just anticipate what types of future costs you might incur. You must also anticipate what those expenses might cost in the future. This requires you to contemplate inflation and incidental costs as well.

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An Injury Attorney Can Help Negotiate a Fair Settlement

All of this means that the initial settlement offer you receive may not be in your short- or long-term interests. Unfortunately, if you accept such a settlement, one of the terms of the settlement will be that you cannot later bring a lawsuit to recover more compensation.

You would, essentially, be stuck with whatever compensation you agreed to in the settlement.

An experienced injury lawyer knows that settlements can benefit both you and the other party. The other party benefits by avoiding the time and expense of a trial and the uncertainty of damages a court may award. Through a settlement, the other party can also move on quickly from your claim.

Therefore, your injury lawyer will work to negotiate a settlement that is palatable to the other party and adequately compensates you for your losses. This can be intimidating to do on your own, but for your injury lawyer, this is part of the process of helping clients.

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