If Your Vacation Takes a Turn for the Worse, Rely on a Vacation Injury Lawyer

Vacation Injury Lawyer in South Carolina Lowcountry Law, LLC

Going on vacation should always be a good experience; it’s something you plan and look forward to for weeks or months in advance. But when you suffer an injury as a result of another party’s negligence, it can put a damper on your whole trip. If you have sustained injuries while on vacation, discuss your case with an experienced vacation injury lawyer.

Vacation Injury Lawyer in South Carolina Lowcountry Law, LLC

Vacation Injuries Explained

Vacation injuries can happen just about anywhere and at any time during your vacation. Some of the places you could potentially experience a vacation injury include:

  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Swimming pools
  • Hotel gyms
  • Amusement parks
  • Water parks
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Excursion locations
  • Shuttles or buses
  • Boats

Some of the most common causes of vacation injuries include:

  • Contaminated or undercooked food
  • Elevator or escalator accidents
  • Loose railings and handrails
  • Poor lighting
  • Loose or uneven flooring
  • Lack of security or supervision
  • Sexual assault or other violent acts
  • Accidents involving water and aquatics
  • Car or bus accidents

The list of locations and causes of vacation injuries is endless. If you suffer any type of harm during your vacation that was brought on by something out of your control, make sure to discuss your situation with a vacation injury lawyer.

What Types of Injuries Do People Suffer While on Vacation?

The type of vacation injury you suffer is closely tied to the type of accident or incident that caused it and where it all happened. Some of the common types of vacation injuries include:

  • Drowning
  • Food poisoning
  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Fractured or broken bones
  • Head injuries
  • Facial injuries
  • Internal injuries
  • Brain injuries
  • Back and spinal cord injuries
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Vacation injuries can range in severity, but they often require medical treatment well into the future. Obtaining financial compensation can help counteract the negative financial pressure you’ll likely feel after suffering a vacation injury.

Can I Sue If I Sustain an Injury on Vacation?

Yes, if you suffer a vacation injury caused by another party’s negligence, you can sue for compensation.

It is important to note that just because you suffer a vacation injury does not mean you have a valid claim for personal injury. Accidents happen, but it doesn’t always mean anyone was at fault.

A valid claim for a vacation injury has to involve a negligent or intentional act or omission of another party. For example, if you sustained injuries because you tripped on loose flooring in a hotel lobby, the hotel would likely be liable for your injuries.

Determining liability can be tricky, but a vacation injury lawyer uses their skills and experience to build a strong case and fight for fair monetary recovery.

Trust a Vacation Injury Lawyer to Handle Your Case

Suffering a vacation injury is frustrating, to say the least. At Lowcountry Law, LLC, we can take the right steps to hold the responsible party accountable for your harm and pursue the compensation you deserve.

After sustaining injuries on vacation, contact us to schedule a complimentary case review.

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