Turn to a Hospital Negligence Lawyer for Legal Guidance

Hospital Negligence Lawyer Legal Guidance in South Carolina

When you go to the hospital, you trust the healthcare providers to take good care of you. The last thing you expect is to leave a hospital in worse condition than when you entered. Hospital negligence is common and could happen to anyone. Lowcountry Law, LLC’s hospital negligence lawyer can protect your rights to fair compensation for your injuries.

Hospital Negligence Lawyer  Legal Guidance in South Carolina

What Is Hospital Negligence?

Hospital negligence occurs when a healthcare worker who is an employee of a hospital causes you harm as a result of a negligent act or omission.

Medical providers, including doctors and nurses, are held to a high standard. They are expected to deliver a certain standard of care. When a healthcare worker fails to treat a patient within the standard of care another similarly situated provider would follow, they’ve acted negligently.

Similarly, hospitals and healthcare facilities are held to the same standard of care.

Hospital negligence cases fall under medical malpractice. A victim can file a case with the help of a hospital negligence lawyer to hold the hospital and responsible provider liable and pursue financial recovery.

How Does Hospital Negligence Arise?

While healthcare providers are human and are capable of making mistakes, some actions or omissions can leave a patient facing severe physical and mental harm. Some of the most common examples of hospital negligence are as follows.


Misdiagnosis occurs when a healthcare provider diagnoses a patient with the wrong medical condition. This could lead to the patient failing to get the proper treatment or receiving potentially harmful treatment for a condition they don’t have.

Failure to Diagnose

Failing to diagnose a medical condition could have dire consequences. When a patient is not properly and promptly diagnosed, they don’t get the treatment they need. This can result in the worsening of their illness or even death.

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Issues with Prescription Medication

Problems with prescription medication include prescribing the wrong dose or failing to warn a patient of possible side effects or drug interactions.

Failure to Provide Follow-Up Care

When a patient goes through a medical or surgical procedure, they usually require follow-up care. Because patients are typically unaware of the type of care they require, they rely on doctors to guide them. Lack of follow-up care could cause the patient harm. When this happens, contacting a hospital negligence lawyer may be necessary.

Surgical Mistakes

Surgery leaves much room for error. Some of the most common surgical mistakes include:

  • Leaving objects inside the patient during surgery
  • Performing surgery on the wrong body part
  • Administering anesthesia incorrectly
  • Causing the patient further harm while performing the surgery

Issues in surgery could cause the patient physical injury or the need for follow-up surgeries.

Premature Discharging of a Patient

A patient who needs intensive medical care is best situated in a hospital around doctors and nurses. If a patient is released before they should be, this could result in health complications.

Failure to Warn

Doctors have a duty to warn patients of possible side effects or dangers associated with medications or procedures. Failing to do so could cause a patient to take a medication or undergo a procedure that is harmful to them.

Discuss Your Case with a Hospital Negligence Lawyer

Filing a medical malpractice lawsuit for hospital negligence could help you obtain fair compensation for your injuries and losses. A hospital negligence lawyer can provide the legal guidance you need.

Lowcountry Law, LLC is passionate about helping injured patients hold negligent providers and healthcare facilities accountable. We have the skills and experience necessary to handle your claim and fight for your right to financial recovery.

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